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Do you need a “Roofer Near Me” in DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas? In DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Heritage Roofing offers complete roofing solutions and repair services. All roofing services are available from our insured roofers in the DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth area, including Asphalt Roofing, Metal Roofing, Tile Roofing, Slate Roofing, Gutters, Skylights, Roofing Ventilation, Roofing Repair and more. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Heritage Roofing will solve your roofing problems in DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. We offer complete roofing and repair services for homes and businesses in DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. Our roofers have decades of experience and are fully insured.

It is our commitment to our customers that makes us stand out. You can rely on us to do the job right the first time, that we will listen and understand your concerns, that we will be punctual, communicate, and apply safe practices, and that we will leave our workspace clean.  

Roofing Services and Repairs We Offer:

At Heritage Roofing, we understand that your home is on of your most important investments! Keeping your roof in good condition is vital if you want your house to be protected from the elements and maintain its structural integrity. The last thing you need is to have an undetected leak or overflowing gutter wreak havoc from the attic to the framing to the foundation.

Don’t let catastrophe strike! Let the seasoned professionals at Heritage Roofing provide you with the right solutions for existing roofing issues, as well as expert guidance on roof replacement. We offer the best residential roofing products on the DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth Texas market, backed by the best warranties. We partner with some of the largest manufacturers of shingles in America. We use the best, most experienced roofers to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. We strive to provide every customer with the quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and job safety that re the cornerstones of our business, while keeping prices competitive.

Heritage Roofing offer the best roofing quality at affordable prices. Investing in a brand new DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth home is a rite of passage for many Texas home owners. Your house is likely your most valuable asset and not just for the money spent. A modern household provides safety and security for your family and belongings. Your home is only as safe as the roof over your head. Heritage Roofing provides top residential roofing services in the DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area.

Residential Asphalt Roofing DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

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Architectural Asphalt Shingles or Traditional 3-Tab Shingles are on the vast majority of homes in America because they are the least expensive option. The terms Asphalt, Architectural Asphalt, Asphalt Composite, Fiberglass Asphalt, and Asphalt Composition all refer to the same type of product. However, 3-tab Shingles refer to an older looking style of asphalt shingles that are not as durable or aesthetically pleasing as newer styles and materials. The most state-of-the art and durable shingle style roofing products are made from Stone Coated Steel. Heritage Roofing is one of DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth’s best installers of Asphalt Shingles in DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

Asphalt Composite Shingles

The most inexpensive roof coverings are asphalt composition shingles (however, in the long run, they may be more expensive than alternatives when the frequency of replacement is taken into account). These products are available in a wide choice of colors and design appearances. Repairs are easy on asphalt shingle roofs. However, asphalt shingles generally only last 15-25 years. Our experts at Heritage Roofing will be happy to help you find the most suitable color, style and quality of shingles for your home!

Asphalt shingles come in two basic types, fiberglass and organic-mat. Organic shingles use a cellulose-fiber mat derived from wood saturated with asphalt to make it waterproof. A top coating of adhesive asphalt is then applied and the ceramic granules are then embedded. Organic shingles contain around 40% more asphalt per square (100 square feet) than their glass fiber counterpart which makes them weigh more and gives them excellent durability and blow-off resistance.

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass Shingles have a glass fiber reinforcing mat manufactured to the shape of the shingle. This mat is then coated with asphalt which contains mineral fillers. The fiberglass mat is not waterproof by itself. Its purpose is for reinforcement. What makes the fiberglass shingle waterproof is the asphalt. However, the asphalt itself will not stick to the mat. For this reason, “fillers” are used. The fillers in the asphalt cling to the glass fibers in the mat. The asphalt then encapsulates the glass fibers, fills all of the little holes and voids in the mat rendering it waterproof. After this cools a bit, adhesive asphalt is used to cove the mat and the ceramic granules are then embedded.

The ceramic granules are there for two reasons. The primary reason is to protect the shingles from the sun. The sun’s UV rays are very damaging to asphalt and cause it to deteriorate prematurely. this is on of the same reasons that gravel is used on built-up roofs. The second and more obvious reason for the granules is aesthetics. Asphalt shingles are available in a wide variety of colors to match almost any facade of landscape.

Which Shingle Type Is Best?

Fiberglass shingles are thinner, lighter, easier to lug around and carry a better fire rating than organic shingles, but organic-mat shingles are tougher and stay more flexible in cold weather. Fiberglass shingles predominate in southern and central regions, but organic shingles are still popular in the North and are almost the universal choice in Canada. Heritage Roofing can help you make the best decision for your DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth home when it comes to your residential roofing shingles.

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Residential Metal Roofing, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

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Metal Roofing makes all the difference! Installing a metal roof on your home is a wise investment. A metal roof not only provides a long service life, but also adds curb appeal and benefits like durability, weather-resistance and reduced utility expense. Selecting good partners for your metal roofing journey is an important part of the process. Heritage Roofing is committed to delivering superior quality and outstanding service for our fellow DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth residents that is backed up by a values-oriented, customer-focused philosophy you can trust!

Let us help you find the residential Metal roofing solution that meets your home’s aesthetic and budgetary needs for years to come.

Benefits of Metal Roofing and Partnering with Heritage Roofing in DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Asphalt shingles have long dominated the residential roofing market, however, the never-ending saga of shingle replacement is simply wearing many homeowners out. In contrast, metal roofing out-performs shingles and offers many other benefits which is the reason more and more homeowners are ditching conventional shingles and installing metal roofing.

Quality Roofing Materials, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

A long-lasting metal roof is dependent on using high quality substrates and coatings. For residential roofing, Galvalume Steel Substrates and Kynar 500/PVDF paint systems offer the best long-term performance and curb appeal.


Vertical Seam Exposed Fastener Roofing Panels, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

The most economical form of metal roofing, exposed fastener roofing, consists of overlapping panel that are fastened directly to the roof deck or framing through the face of the metal. They are called “exposed”, because the fastener head remains visible once installed. However, fastener heads are painted the same color as the roofing panels to help make them less apparent. Most exposed fastener panels are typically 36″ wide, meaning that fewer panels (and less labor) will be needed to cover the roof area.

Vertical Seam Standing Seam Roofing Panels, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

A standing seam roof system, also classified as concealed fastener panels, utilizes a series of adjoining panels that are connected by raised seams (or vertical legs). Seam heights vary, but are typically 1 to 2 1/2 inches tall and allow the panels to snap together while others require mechanical seaming. Mechanical seamed panels provide greater strength and wind uplift capabilities.

Metal Shingle – Simulated Roof Shingle and Cedar, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

Milan steel shingles add beauty and curb appeal to any home or business. Milan provides the aesthetic appearance of shingles, slate or shake with all the benefits of metal. Offering eight attractive Kynar 500 (PVDF) colors as well as Slate and Shake Kynar 500 Prints. Metal shingles will compliment any exterior design palette.

Stone Coated Simulated Conventional Roof Shingles, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

Tilcor CF Shingle Stone Coated Roofing – Tilcor’s CF Shingle has been specifically designed to resemble the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles but with our the inherent ongoing issues that many homeowners face, such as frequent replacement due to weathering or hail damage. Its innovative Concealed Fastening system is truly an industry first. Unlike other systems, which leave gaps and screws exposed to the elements, Tilco’s unique CF Shingle protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable, watertight and durable than ever before.

Extensive research and development in the design process makes Tilcor’s CF Shingle not only the most water-proof stone-coated steel shingle on the market but the most realistic looking and fastest to install. Made from the highest quality raw materials ensures the durability and strength is second to none. The CF Shingle and accompanying accessories are engineered to interlock and overlap to resist wind lifting and keep out nature’s elements.

Metal Tile Simulated Tile Roofing, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

Met-tile roofing panel provides the appearance of ceramic tile roofing with all the advantages and performance of metal. Met-Tile is lightweight, energy efficient and aesthetically attractive. A Met-Tile roof looks so much like tile, most people are surprised to learn that they are actually metal roof tiles.

Tile Roofing, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

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A tile roof is one of the most sound investments you can make when purchasing a home or re-roofing your current residence. Tile roofing is growing in non-traditional geographic areas due to its many architectural and color choices available. Tile roofs are energy efficient, durable in cold and high wind climates and have very little maintenance needs.

At Heritage Roofing, our expert installers have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of tile on luxury homes and multi-family home projects. We are best equipped to handle your tile roofing needs. Our standard installation meets 130 mph wind uplift requirements.

Our Tile Roofing Systems Include:
  • Clay Tile
  • Cement Tile
  • Slate Tile
  • Composition Tile

Slate Roofing, DFW - Dallas, Fort Worth

Best Residential and Commercial Slate Roofing Contractor - Heritage Roofing - DFW - Texas

Slate is one of the most sought-after roofing materials on the Aledo market, today. Slate has the reputation to add sophistication and value to any home and is prized by many. Slate roofing is made of stone and has been used as roofing material for centuries. While our homes have evolved over time, the benefits of slate have remained largely the same. Its durability and natural resistance to fire make it an ideal material for covering your home. It can offer you protection from a variety of conditions; from wind, hail, fireworks and more. Because slate is so durable, it is also one of the most long-lasting roofing materials.

While the typical roofing system lasts 20-30 years, slate roofing can last a staggering 100 years! With proper installation and maintenance, slate is the roofing solution that can literally last a lifetime! That’s a lifetime without the stress and worry of when your roof will need to be replaced next.

Because slate is a type of stone, it often comes in a elegant shade of grey. While this is a selling point for many customers, slate roofing also comes in a variety of other colors and styles for those who may have a different look in mind. The diversity of this material, with its variable colors, sizes and thicknesses, makes it a wonderful roofing solution for those who may have an exact vision for their home’s outward appearance.

Some disadvantages of slate is its cost. The cost is not only determined by the material itself, but its difficulty to install. Because tiles have a tendency to break when walked on they require an experienced roofer who will use care during the installation process. Another challenge with slate tile is the weight. A slate roof can easily add 700-1000 pounds to your roof, which demands an inspection of your homes structural integrity. Depending on the results of this inspection, your home might require additional reinforcements to sustain weight of all that slate.